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    VARLI Perfume – (100ml + 12ml)


    “Varli” perfume, created by the French company Geluva, is a blend of Eastern and French elegance, embodying exotic spices, rare woods, and leather in a symphony of sophistication. This perfume pays tribute to the luxury of the East and the grace of Parisian allure, creating a timeless and contemporary masterpiece that leaves an unforgettable impression of allure wherever it is. Indulge in Varli perfume, where the charm of One Thousand and One Nights meets the refined art of French perfume-making, inviting you on a journey that transcends boundaries.

    Perfume Description:

    A distinctive oriental perfume for unisex (men and women), released in 2024.

    Top notes of the perfume are the saffron and black pepper; at its core is the Turkish rose, sage, and carnations; and the base notes are leather and cypriol (Nagarmotha). It is an attractive perfume with the finest details.

    Reason for calling it “Varli”

    The word “Varli” means “Rich” in Azerbaijani.

    More about “Geluva Varli” Perfume

    Brand: Geluva

    Bottle Size: 100ml Bottle + 12ml Bottle




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